March Wednesday Night Menu

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March 2013 Menu

2013 West Hills Baptist Church Wednesday Night Menu

March 6
Sweet-n-Sour Chicken
Fried rice
Oriental Vegetables
Egg Rolls
Kids Meal: Chicken Nuggets

March 13
Roasted Vegetables
Kids Meal: Pizza

March 20
Baked Fish
Roasted Potatoes
Steamed Vegetables
Cole Slaw
Kids Meal: Corn Dogs

March 27
No Activities — Spring Break

Online Giving Now Available!

You can now donate to WHBC online!

Click HERE to go to the E-GIVE website that will be processing our online donations.


One you get to the site you will need to set up an account using your email address as a password. Once you account is set up you can return to the site as often as you like and easily add payments that will go to support West Hills Baptist Church.

We are very excited to add this new option to our members to support the church easily and quickly.

Feel free to contact the church if you have any questions about this new giving option.


Travel Log – February 13

Parents please note that our children will be singing in our Sunday morning worship service on Sunday, February 24.

They are rehearsing for this during M&Ms on Wednesday evenings. M&Ms (Music and Missions) takes place from 6:15 – 7:15 on Wednesday evening. I would love to see as many children as possible singing that morning, so please make every effort to bring your child on Wednesdays so they can learn the song and practice together.

Finally, I encourage everyone to save the date for Sunday, March 3. The Trekkers and Youth will be sponsoring an-other fundraiser lunch following the morning service that day. This time the menu will be soup, salad and baked po-tatoes. Our first lunch was a huge success thanks to the wonderful support from you, our church family. We look for-ward to serving you again and for another chance for us to fellowship as a family of faith. Again, there will be no set cost for the meal, but donations for summer camp will be accepted.


Naomi Brown

Minister to Children

A Note From Our Pastor – February 5, 2013

Recently I came across a quote from Mr. Rogers. He said his mother taught him that any time there is a tragedy, look for the helpers. God is in the helpers.

It is amazing to see how people reach out to one another in times of need. It makes me wonder. Should our response, as Christians, be different?

I think we all know that the answer is yes. Generally, people do what they can. But we are instructed to go the extra mile. God wants us to share more.

When tragedies are in the news, the needs of people are obvious. We can’t avoid seeing what is obvious on television. And if it is in our own community, then we automatically start asking people if they need help.

But during the normal times in our lives, we are not conditioned to ask. I believe there is a difficult path that we are expected to take here. On the one hand, I believe Christians should be the happiest people on the planet. On the other hand, I believe we are expected to have a deeper sense of compassion.

As Christians, we have been given more and more is expected of us. We should have a sense of contentment in our lives that is obvious to others. And we should always be looking for people who are in need of that sense of peace in their lives.

Our church does a good job of restoring the needs in the lives of those in our community. But God has a way of reminding us that there are still thousands all around us that need what we have. They may need something obvious like food or electricity. They may also need to see in us a kind of compassion that can only come from Christ. There is only one way to find out for sure. We have to ask when it is obvious. And we have to ask when it is not.

I look forward to our continued growth together, 


Travel Log – January 23, 2013

On behalf of the youth, Trekkers, their families and myself, I would like to thank you, our church family, for helping to make our Spaghetti Lunch on Sunday a HUGE success! We raised over $1,400 toward our goal of $4,000 for summer camp. That is a great start. The turnout was wonderful, and I know that some of you who were not able to stay donated anyway. We greatly appreciate all of you! I also want to say a huge thank you to our youth, Trekkers and their families for all of their hard work to make Sunday

happen. Our kids were hard workers and wonderful hosts and their parents were as well. It could not have happened without all of those efforts. Stay tuned for news about another lunch coming soon! 

Youth and Trekkers, if you have not received information about camp, please let me know. Remember that you need to reserve your spot with a deposit by no later than Sunday, February 24. Both camps are going to be great experiences, and I hope you will make plans to attend! Please remember that if the deposit is an issue, you can come to me confidentially, and we will take care of you. There are always scholarships available. Money should never be a reason for you to not participate in an event or outing.

Youth, mark your calendars! Our next outing is Sunday, February 3. We will head to the mall after the morning service to grab a quick lunch, and then we will be off to Strike & Spare Family Bowl at the intersection of Hayfield Rd. and Parkside Dr. for an after-noon of bowling fun. Make sure that you wear or bring socks with you that day. You will need money for lunch. The church will cover the cost of bowling. Please RSVP by Friday, February 1 so I know how many to expect. Parents, we are going to need about 3 chaperones for the afternoon. If you are available, please let me know by Sunday, January 27.

Finally, I am planning another Family Indoor Drive-In Movie night for Friday, February 8 at 7 pm. We will be watching

Finding Nemo. Bring your blankets and maybe a pillow, even dress in your pajamas if you would like, and come enjoy a fun time of fellowship while watching a great movie. Then go home with some great discussion starters for your family to use to connect the film to your faith. The last indoor drive-in night was a lot of fun! I hope you will make plans to join us for this one. This event is open to the whole church family.


Naomi Brown, Minister to Children

A Note From Our Pastor – January 23, 2013

This week marks change in our country. There is great anticipation of what lies ahead. Our people are hoping for better days and expecting that their lives will be different. Sometimes when our expectations are too high, we are easily disappointed. But we feel a great sense of accomplishment when they areexceeded.

One of the aspects of my job that I love the most is talking about the number of people that visit our church. We are so fortunate that we have new people come through our doors nearly every Sunday. It causes me to feel a real sense of accomplishment that we are doing something right. But we all know that there is so much more to do.

Churches that have been around a while often have very few visitors. There are many reasons why. But one is people have a tendency to get so set in their ways that it is difficult making new people a priority. They want to attract new people, but they do not want to do anything differently in order to make it happen. And they are often disappointed.

Our church is so blessed to have leadership that is interested in creating an

atmosphere that will be welcoming to new people. When visitors come, they come hoping for something different. They expect a warm greeting that is common at just about any church. But if they sense that this place is dif-ferent than others and feel God at work there, then often their expectations are exceeded.

It is very easy to get comfortable with where we are. But if we honestly be-lieve that what we have here is too good to keep to ourselves, then we can-not get complacent in our efforts to move forward. And that always includes change.

There is a great sense of anticipation of what lies ahead in the life of our church. We have people walking through our doors hoping that their lives will be different. They come here with high expectations and we run the risk of letting them slip through our fingers with disappointment. But if we are willing to move forward then we have the opportunity to be the mark of change in their lives. They can come here and feel a sense of accomplish-ment that they are where God would have them to be. We have so much more to do. But great days lie ahead.

I look forward to our continued growth together, 


New & Prospective Members Class

New & Prospective Members Class 

Sunday, February 3 – Sunday, February 24 

9:30 am (during the Sunday school hour) 

God is truly at work here at West Hills Baptist Church, and we are very blessed as a church family. These blessings are not something that we try to keep to ourselves. We are eager to share them with others, as our commitment to being a place with an Open Door that welcomes all who would come into this fellowship suggests. Perhaps you have been visiting our church and have noticed what a special place it is. You may be considering becoming an official part of our church family, or you may have recently joined our fellowship. Either way, this class will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about what it means to be a part of the WHBC family.

The class will be led by Rev. Naomi Brown, our Minister to Children, and will tell you about the rich history of the family of faith that is West Hills Baptist Church. It will also cover a variety of topics related to church membership such as what it means to be a Baptist, why we are affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fel-lowship, how you can be a part of expanding the Kingdom of God through involvement in missions as well as programs within the church, and more. There will be plenty of opportunities for asking questions as well. Coffee and refreshments will be provided each week. We invite you to come and explore how God may be calling you to get more involved in this wonderful family of faith.